qas05 Co-Owner posted Mar 24, 15

Since we are closing our servers,
All users will be removed from their ranks. Anyone that has an exemption, will not be removed from their rank. Donators will be given back their points with a bonus as a thank you for supporting the server. We are giving back points because we don't know yet on how we are going to run things next time and it will be better if we just give you the points back and then you can buy what you think is best that we have to offer. With that said, the point redeem store will be closed until we get ranks/purchases setup for when we open. However, purchasing points will still be open to the public.

Do expect changes with the website. We will open again one day, right now no one has time to manage the server and some staff are not active to keep the server going. Changes to the website will happen overtime, we want to clean it up, get rid of un-used modules and pages, and get it ready for the day we open.

Be sure to follow our Twitter, we will be posting updates their rather then the site. When we do open again we will send a mass email to all registered users giving you guys notice about what is going on.

Thank you.

See you Later And Thanks for a great 3 years!
~ Wesley01999 & Qas05
The owners of the one and only,
ExonCraft Network