Hey guys!

Long time no see!  As you can see I am here today to tell all of you about what is going on and how it's going to happen.  Firstly Exon IS coming back, exactly what it will be like when it is up is still hard to know.  Right now we are setting up things like ranks, basic site features, staff, etc.  After the basics of server management are back in place we will move to the server itself and how it functions.  I do know that when the server re-opens it will be one server, not a hub.  Also it will probably be a temp-map for a while.  Remember nothing I say is set in stone yet, so don't be surprised if everything happens differently. Wesley01999 is still our Owner and will still participate in major decisions and overall server management, but Exo and I will manage staff and other areas that were previously reserved for the Owners.  Some of you may also be wondering about your previous ranks.  Other than a few staff all ranks have been removed.  Donation ranks will be revamped and changed making the old one obsolete.  If you want to be ahead of the game and help the server come about sooner buy the Nomad rank for $15.00.  It will give you starting gear right away as well as some perks not yet decided.  This rank is only available until the server opens so get it soon!  

Below is a list of Staff that are welcome to come back or already have:
NOTE: Staff with ranks beside have already said they will come back!

-Wesley01999 (Owner)
-Icehart99 (Developer)
-0Exodus0 (Developer)
-Qas05(Co-Owner, OP for now because the rank isn't made right now)

Guys there is a ton of stuff I didn't talk about so comment below if you want something answered.  Also if you were formerly staff and want to come back and are not on the list above mail me (Or Wes) via Enjin.

Goodnight Everyone,
[Dev] 0Exodus0 Oh joy... ...
[Member] dewolf9 Ur favorite member is here
[Owner] wesley01999 Hey Guys! Be sure to Donate If you can! We're going to need all the help we can get! ...