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Future Inactivity

0Exodus0 Admin posted Jan 27, 16

Hello ladies and gentlemen, 

It's your beloved Exodus here today to send a message to everyone. Sadly enough, due to life issues, my activity on the server may be severely & strictly strained at this moment. I cannot divulge any specific details of my reasons, however I have notified Ice & Wes about the whole thing and they have agreed to keep it silent. 

(@Staff Members- Whether there be any reason why you must know of my absence, speak with Ice or Wes about it; and if they deem it right to tell you, then... Good4u m8 conrats on ur small loan of mil dollers m8.)

Anywho, I love you all. Hope to see you soon. Goodnight, and may the force be with you.

The One & Only


x0Reflux0x Lead Dev Again thanks for letting us know mate. As an unimportant side note my birthday is May 4th so I was born on Star Wars Day...
Vinyl_Scratch9 Traveler We'll miss you Exo, hope you can get on when it gets better!

Staff Applications-How they Work

x0Reflux0x Lead Dev posted Jan 12, 16

Hello everyone!

    I just wanted to write a short post about how staff applications are recieved, proccesed, and approved.  I'm hoping this will clear up any future frustration before it happens.

     Staff applications can be found on the menu bar under support.  Once you click on that you will be directed to the application which you may fill out and submit.

Tips for Applications:

-Use correct grammar 

-Long and thoughtful answers

-Do not lie (any application containing a lie will be terminated without question)

-Be original

-Do not bug staff about your application, be patient!

     After you submit your application it will be sent to a panel of 5 high ranking staff.  These staff will review your application.  After reviewing your application the panel may choose to post in a hidden comment section and remain anonomus, or in a comment section viewable by you (which is what I do so the member applying knows why they were rejected or accepted).  After all five votes are in the application will either be rejected or accepted.

     After this, if you were accepted, you will recvieve your rank and can begin duties immediatly.  If you have any quetions please feel free to comment below!

See you in the universe!


TekkitClassic Traveler Guys.. I wanna be on the team again...

Hey Everyone! Long Time No See! We've been hard at work to redo the entire server & the site to make the whole network new to usher in 2016!

After 3 Weeks Of Work We're Ready To Open!

Come Join In! The Grand-Reopening Is Today!

See You Online!

~ The ExonCraft Network Team